How to handle performance appraisal shock?

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If you have received an unexpected end year review recently, it’s time to cope the shock if your rating turned out to be 1, 2 or 3.

True , it is very stressful moment when our hard work is not being recognized and appreciated. But there is a way out to free that stress and make yourself strong.

Take a deep breathe and spend your time in your private place to analyze it and to make a response for the rating.

Accept the fact that if anything committed wrong in the last year and list up all the positives and negatives which you have gone.

Discuss the issue with your family and close friend for help. Always focus on future and try to be in a balanced position to take a right decision.

Always remember in life, if one door closes other door opens.
So be confident and continue your path with full of confidence and positivity.

Life has to go on, so be happy and keep the momentum for next phase of career happiness.

Remember what Winston Churchill said, 
Success is not final,
Failure is not fatal,
It is the courage to continue that counts”.

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